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Joke of the Day ~ Saturday 7 October 2017

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Joke of the Day ~ Saturday 7 October 2017

Post by Soaring Hawk on Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:44 am

[size=32]Top 10 Signs Your Grandparents Are Still Sexually Active[/size]

10. Pair of edible Depends found on bedroom floor.

9. Lately, at night, they put their teeth in the same glass.

8. Grandpa grabs his crotch and complains loudly of "denture-burn."

7. Not only do you hear the bed squeaking but also joints.

6. Granny found cuffed to her walker.

5. Grandmother starts baking Viagra-chip cookies.

4. Your "Grandma" is Anna Nicole Smith.

3. You've just seen the photos in the "Beaver Hunt" section of HUSTLER.

2. Grandma regularly looks at Grandpa's crotch and claps twice.

1. Kraft-matic Adjustable Bed set for "doggy style
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