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Bama FTU Tubes

Post by Soaring Hawk on Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:01 pm

General Permission

You can use our art on any group as long as it is not a pornographic group. You can share our tubes with anyone and in any group whether it be Forum groups, email groups, and any other means of sharing that you might want to use. You can animate, colorize, enlarge, shrink, crop, etc. our art. You can use it to make backgrounds and tiles. How ever we ask you to be nice if you decide to slice and dice one our tubes. Do not change it in any way that will deform it or make it become obscene or grotesque. Under absolutely no circumstances is cutting up or swapping of head/body parts of our tubes allowed.

Please be sure and add our copyright information on any thing you use our art for. 
© Marilyn Allen

© Bobbie Allen

If you combine the art work of Bobbie and Marilyn's together, instead

of adding both names you may put © B.A.M.A.

No other info is necessary until further notice.

You cannot use our art for financial gain in any way. Non-profit is fine.

If you want to use our art on commercial websites you will have to email us for permission and restrictions.

For now, until we have a permanent address, you can email us at:


Marilyn & Bobbie Allen
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